Recently a lot of global attention and effort is put into environmental protection. This fundamental matter should be the priority of those who exploit the earth the most, no matter what industry they are in. It easy to walk past trash bins with broken ceramic sinks. How can we change that?

Classic ceramic vessel sinks or freestanding basins are just not enough to care for the environment properly. A lot of them are bought only to serve for a short period of time and then they are disposed of without any recycling involved which perpetuates the overconsumption of the modern world.
The same applies to classic acrylic bathtubs – it is not easy to recycle them properly after their useful life is over. Our mission at Lux4home™ is to call an end to it.

It may be the best time to replace your ordinary bathtub with a natural rock bathtub made by Lux4home™:

Consider natural stone bathtubs or stone sinks. They are fully made from a naturally occurring stone that will never litter the landscape. Moreover, when purchasing a freestanding stone tub or a pedestal sinks, it is a decision to purchase something that will last for long years. It will not wear off as quickly as artificial and potentially harmful materials such as ceramic or acrylic. Stone is simply timeless, so if you wish to make the world a better place, consider switching to stylish and eco-friendly alternatives: rock sinks, stone tubs or even natural stone mosaics. Architects, designers, and private customers understand this, and each year they choose natural bathroom products more eagerly. It needs to be said that our production is not placing a burden on the environment. Everything we do, we do in balance with nature.
See our best selling stone bathtub:

If you, just like us, feel a deep discomfort by only looking at the litter decomposing on the street, it’s time to take firm steps to prevent it from happening. Even if this is something small, like switching off that light or using less tap water than necessary, it makes a difference. Everything is in your hands, we are here to support it. See our full catalog of eco-friendly stone products over here.