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Reasons Why Zinc Roofing Is Becoming The Ultimate Choice

The roof of your house is an indispensable component to protect the house and its content. Thus, you would like to make it using premium materials which can withstand the harsh elements of the climate and give you complete protection. Metal roofing has been a popular option here with metals like zinc, steel, aluminium, etc. as common choices. Present for over 150 years; zinc has been used for roofing but is gaining exceptional popularity these days. Why? Let’s find out.


The visual appeal and beauty of the building is something that we all place supreme. Zinc roofs boast of a unique style that barely goes out of fashion. It can easily ooze a classic look as well as an ultra-modern look that can take the curb appeal of a place notches higher. The texture and grain of zinc material are such that it can easily be styled to give a plethora of looks like a distinguished weathered look, surface with a subtle shine, etc.

The styles available with zinc are also in plenty. You can choose from long, standing seam panels; shingle like diamond-panels, ridge styles, etc. Be it an industrial or a residential structure in rural or urban areas; you can never go wrong with zinc roofing.

Ability to self-repair

According to roof maintenance and repair experts like the Summit Roof and Exterior Painting; zinc roofs are among the least expensive and easiest roof to maintain.  They have a unique property of self-healing over time with issues like scratches, nicks and other damages caused by the environment. Thus, their fresh look is exceptionally long-lasting. This is because of the protective patina layer of hydroxyl carbonate that is naturally formed on them. Zinc has a naturally high resistance to moisture and rust. Mingled with self-repair abilities; zinc emerges as a most coveted material in any rugged environmental conditions. Its resistance to damage makes it the ultimate choice.

Lightweight and easily transportable

Zinc is appreciably lightweight and easy to transport. It takes much less cost to transport it than any other roofing material. Thus, it is more manageable, cheaper and energy efficient. Mingled with its durability property; it is the most hassle-free roofing option to choose.

Zinc can be easily shaped and curved

Most roofing materials, be it steel sheets or shingles can be installed seamlessly on flat surfaces but are difficult to install on any curved or rounded roof structures. Thus, you cannot be creative with them and come up with unique and creative architectural designs. But zinc has an exceptional malleability and can be easily moulded in any shape like round, curved, angled or other structural details. Thus, it can be used for any creative architectural design and enhance the visual appeal of a building notches higher.


Going green is now becoming imperative globally.  Zinc passes with flying colours on the parameters of sustainability. Its production is not as energy-intensive as most other roofing materials like asphalt. It is also more durable compared to them. It also does not produce any toxic run-off like asphalt and thus is a safe and eco-friendly choice for rainwater collection systems. It is also completely recyclable.

Given its unique properties; it’s easy to decipher as to why zinc is the ultimate roofing material choice.


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