The kitchen island is a desirable addition to the modern trend of open plan and larger kitchens. The unit brings so much to a kitchen; a gathering spot for the family, extra space for cooking and cleaning, great storage opportunity and a fabulously stylish feature to install in your home. 

Cooking Space

Moving your cooking range and accompanying hood into your island is a showpiece move that centres the focus in the room around the cook. You can also use the storage space beneath the island for utensils and essential cookware. A set of gorgeous spider burners and accent lighting will put the spotlight on the chef. The bonus for the rest of the room is that you have taken a large feature away from your countertops, leaving you more space. 

Add A Sink

An alternative to the cooking station is using your island as a washing-up station. You can add a double bowl in a large multipurpose sink which, again, takes some of the pressure away from your counter space if your kitchen is on the smaller side. With a durable and bacteria-resistant surface like a stone for the island, you can create a preparation area for food as well. The sink is the most used part of the kitchen, and by installing it on the island you make it more accessible and leave space on the island for decoration or more storage.

Offset From The Centre 

Move the island to an outside wall of the room without cabinetry. In front of large windows is a great place as it will let in natural light that will illuminate and show off your island. This gives a previously unused portion of the room something to do, whether it be for either point listed above, or as a handy storage space and somewhere for the family to gather for breakfast every morning. Kitchen design is all about using the space you have afforded to you. Keeping seating behind the island and hidden in front of the wall will keep the flow of the room intact.

Use It For Appliances 

Nowadays with many kitchen island ideas, a kitchen island can be designed to incorporate a multitude of appliances. An under-counter fridge can be placed within the island to add some easy-access convenience to the kitchen by filling it with fresh food or meals for the family that is ready to go. It’s also a great party piece to be stocked up with drinks and snacks for guests. A microwave can also be built-in for family functionality – and make sure to install enough power outlets to keep everyone gathered and devices charged.

Make It Multifunctional

The best way to utilize a pricey addition like an island is to have it perform multiple functions. If you have a kitchen island that features a gathered seating area, can prepare, cook, clean or deliver meals on, and works as a storage base for work and school supplies you are condensing a lot of home responsibilities into the one unit.