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Month: June 2017

10 DIY Home Improvement Ideas

Install handmade shelves. Rather than purchasing typical cookie-cutter shelves, consider visiting a local craft fair or woodworker for customized shelves. Everything from style, color, design and cutouts can be customized with handmade items. Shelves are ideal for storing tools in…

Tips for a Successful Home Renovation Project

A home should be a treasure chest for the living. – Le Corbusier Your home should not be just a place where you go to nap after a long day’s work. It should be your personal retreat. It should help…

Purchasing Discount Office Furniture

The office is a place where you work and spend the maximum time of your day. Just like home furniture, office furniture also plays a very important role. Refurnishing your office can be an expensive issue. Purchasing brand new finely…

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